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Welcome to The Worm Farm

Shop for red worms, worm bins, composting and soil amendments.

Here you can purchase worms, worm bins, composts, soil amendments and create your own special potting mixes.

Worms can help you increase your monthly income.

How? Red worms/red wigglers turn your trash into profit - and provide excellent nutrients for your own plants or garden.
Red worms - uses and benefits:
Worm Composting
  • convert yard waste and table scraps into nutrient-rich organic matter for the garden
  • also known as vermicomposting, uses worms to speed up the decomposition process. We have both commercial and DIY options, including The Worm Factory, Vermihut and more!
  • red wiggler worms are ideally suited to vermicomposting (worm composting), due to their voracious appetites
Nourishing for soil, trees, plants, flowers, grass and gardens
  • worm compost has been considered as one of nature’s wonder products
  • vermicompost helps stimulate growth in plants, it also makes its immune system stronger
  • redworms help in developing the look and quality of damaged soil and can help increase the soil’s water retention too
  • many people prefer red wigglers and worm compost to chemical fertilizers
  • red worms help to improve soil quality
  • worm compost is an excellent additive to indoor or outdoor organic gardens
Sport Fishing
Attracting Wild Birds
Feed for birds, fish, frogs, geese...
Raising fish, trout...

See our updated selection of easy to use Worm Composting Bins!


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Latest Products

Worm Factory Refill Package

Worm Factory Refill Package

Each of the bedding materials that come in the Worm Factory Refill Kit are in the same convenient size packages that originally came with the Worm Factory 360 composter. They can also be used with the Worm Factory Standard composter.

The kit includes:

4 – 2 cup packages of pumice

4 – 8 ounce jars of mineral rock dust

4 – 250g bricks of coconut coir


When used as instructed this kit contains enough materials for at least 8 composting trays.

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Product Highlights

Let An Earthworm Be Your Garbage Man

Let An Earthworm Be Your Garbage Man

The original outdoor vermicomposting book!
Price includes Free Shipping.

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Manual of Therapeutic Meds and Pesticides

Manual of Therapeutic Meds and Pesticides

This book covers everything from a chemical worm toughener to safe use of pesticides and medications.
Price includes Free Shipping.

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American Pride Time Release Fertilizer 9-6-6 (FoxFarm)

American Pride Time Release Fertilizer 9-6-6 (FoxFarm)

Great for Roses, Flowering Trees and Shrubs.

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