Eisenia Fetida Redworms by The Worm Farm

Redworms are nature's master composters.

Please note: Worms are only shipped on Mondays and Tuesdays to avoid sitting in the Post Office over the weekends and to ensure live delivery. 

Worms will not be shipped when temperatures exceed 95 degrees.
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1 lbs Redworms$32.00Add to Cart
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Redworms are nature's master composters.
One pound of redworms by The Worm Farm can consume organic waste at the incredible rate of 1/2 to 1 lb per day and also leave behind natures ultimate soil amendment and plant growth enhancer - castings. Redworm castings condition the soil and resist leaching and compaction, while their long lasting nutrients are easily absorbed by plants.
For more information on how to care for your worms or how to start a worm bin, please visit our FAQs area .

Some short Redworm facts:

Proper name: Eisenia fetida. AKA "compost worms" "red wigglers" "manure worms" and most commonly "redworms".
Life span: 3 - 5 years, but there have been university studies that have shown at least one worm to be 13 years old!
Your worms will take a week or so to adjust to their new environment before they become thoroughly active.
One worm can produce up to 5 cocoons per week, and each cocoon will have 2-3 worms.
A cocoon will hatch in an average of 45 days, and baby worms will need another six-10 weeks to become adult breeders.
Under optimum conditions, 1 pound of happy and active redworms (approximately 1000) can create approximately 10 pounds of red worms in about 3-5 months.
Under non-optimal conditions (see FAQs area and Info PDF files), the time needed can be much longer for your worm population to expand.