About Us

Since 1990, The Worm Farm is one of the United States' Premium producers of composting and gardening products.

What makes us different? 

Our record in customer satisfaction and our commitment to superior sustainable products and solutions.

Who are The Worm Farm customers?

Families, Universities, Schools, Non-profit Agencies, Hospitals, Military, Hazardous waste emergency clean-up sites, Parks and Recreation facilities, doctors, Lawyers, Hollywood celebrities, simulated research missions for outer space (next stop, space!), home and commercial gardeners, agriculture professionals, master gardeners.... People just like you! 

What are our customers looking for?

An easy, clean way to compost their kitchen scraps; to improve nutrient availability in their garden; to reduce man's environmental footprint on the earth; to develop safer or improved food resources, as well as alternative, sustainable solutions for our children's tomorrow.

The Worm Farm sells fishing and composting worms, specifically Esenia Fetida red worms, but it is NOT "just another worm company". Learn more about why thousands of our customers from around the United States and Canada consider The Worm Farm the first stop for red worms and premium soil amendments. 

The Worm Farm is located 7 miles South of Chico in the farming community of Durham, California. Our goal at The Worm Farm is to supply landscapers and homeowners with a unique blend of soil amendments by mixing compost and worm castings to form what we call our "Compost Mix”. The Worm Farm also raises and sells Redworms, Worm Castings, and plain Compost. The Worm Farm supports local schools, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and other youth organizations by offering tours of our Worm Farm operation.