Potting SoilsSizePricePrice per Pound
Coco Coir - Large block2 cf block$35.00
Compost Special Mix by The Worm Farmcubic yard$70.00
Coconut Coir Mixcubic yard$149.99
1 Yard Gwen's Mix cubic yard$149.99
2 Cu Ft Bag Gwen's Mix 2 cf. bag.$20.00
Compost Gwen's Mix by The Worm Farmcubic yard$149.99
Accessories for Worms and Worm BinsSizePricePrice per Pound
Coco Coir - 1 small brick1 small brick$5.00
BooksSizePricePrice per Pound
Profitable Earth Worm Farming$12.00
ABC's of the Earthworm Business, The$10.00
As The Worm Turns$10.00
Earthworm Feeds and Feeding$10.00
Harnessing the Earthworm$16.00
Larger Red Worms$8.00
Let An Earthworm Be Your Garbage Man$10.00
Manual of Therapeutic Meds and Pesticides$10.00
Nightcrawler Manual, The$16.00
Raising the African Nightcrawler$10.00
Other ProductsSizePricePrice per Pound
Animal Repellant - Organic, Granular22 oz.$12.00
Weiser's Nature's Defense Granular Mouse and Rat Repellent$12.00
Worm Vue Wonder$42.95
Root Vue Farm$34.95
Insecticidal Soap (Garden Safe)24 oz.$16.00
Gifts and Gift IdeasSizePricePrice per Pound
Gift Certificate$25.00
Worm Vue Wonder$42.95
Root Vue Farm$34.95
The Worm Farm baseball hat$19.95
WorkshopsSizePricePrice per Pound
The Mini Tour$0.00